Cherry Bubblegum CBD Hemp


Lineage:  Spectrum IBL

Sex:  Feminized

Type:  Module

Agronomic Data:   Available Upon Request

Aroma:  Bubblegum and sweet berries.

Growth Characteristics:  Christmas tree growth structure and good tolerance to stress.




One of the most grown, best yielding, consistent cultivars in the United States over the last five years that have been inbred and selected for success. Cherry Bubblegum, has incredible resin content, bulging buds, and is a consistent producer across the U.S. in a wide variety of regions. Cherry Bubblegum is a late flowering varietal, which means increased bio-mass when planted on-time, or the ability to plant later in the season to avoid challenges. This trait also allows growers more time to evaluate and test for compliance and make Cherry Bubblegum a real winner.



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